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Darryl Murrill knows no boundaries when it comes to saxophone excellence. Murrill masters the alto, soprano, and tenor saxophones to the delight of his following.


He began playing saxophone at age 13 and has morphed into a sensational musician, minstrel, and songwriter. He plays with such intensity that the sounds penetrate even the faintest of hearts.


Sharing the stage with greats like Tom Brown and Marcus Anderson, Darryl knows the ins and outs of his woodwind instrument. He heads Darryl Murrill and Jazzpel which is a collection of fine gentlemen who play multiple instruments, sing, and compose in the fusion of the Jazz and Gospel genres.


Darryl Murrill and Jazzpel travel throughout spreading the message of a wholesome sound which soothes the soul. Darryl's roots are musically inspired and began in the church. The uniqueness of his musicality is credited to that early exposure to hymns, negro spirituals, and Gospel music.


Murrill loves to share his passion of music. He continues to scale his musical repertoire with a soon awaited debut of his latest album, "My Heart is Yours! ".